Reduced vertical safety spaces HTFR

It is possible to install in the existing building a hydraulic or also an electric lifts with reduced vertical safety spaces.
Indeed, not always it si possible to have within the well the standard vertical safety spaces required by EN 81-20 norms. That is the two ends of the well have not available enough height according to these standards. But another harmonized norm for this scope, EN 81-21, permits to install alternative safety systems which still make safe the lift for the users and for the personnel working in the well.
The clients’ advantage is that they don’t have to make masonry works in the buildings which in some cases are impossible, or very expensive, or not acceptable for the competent authorities (i.e. to break through the well’s slab).
According to these solutions, the headroom may be high less than 3 m, and the pit high much less than the usual height of about 1.5 provided within the standards’ frame.
Of course, every case should be exercised one by one, also because, according to the 2014/33/UE Directive, in some cases it is necessary that the building owner asks for a preliminary authorization to this kind of installation by the competent national authorities. This issue may be done with our assistance: our commercial and technical offices are available to examinate the situation and to give the right advices to solve this kind of problems.