Goods and passenger lifts

Koppel A.W. has been specialised in manufacturing every type of goods lift for over 40 years: electrical, hydraulic, with one or more piston, direct or indirect drive, and VVVF electronic speed control or micro-levelling.

We have installed systems with capacities of up to 7,500 kg (equivalent to 100 people!), and cabins over 6m in height. Nowadays, landings are usually fitted with 2, 3, 4 or 6 panel automatic sliding doors; however we can supply a wide range of alternatives, up to 2 m wide and 6 m high. Upon request, these can be produced with various fire resistance characteristics, complete with the appropriate certification, either for Italy or the country in which the system is installed.

Goods lift cabins and doors can be produced using sheet steel of varying thickness, which may be painted or coated as required or, as is more common these days, in stainless steel with a range of fittings.
These materials guarantee the maximum working life and hygiene.