Panoramic lifts

Among the various non-standard types, KOPPEL A.W. specialises in panoramic lifts: cabins constructed wholly or partially in glass, for internal or external installations.

In this case, lifts can be installed in glass lined shafts, closed, partially open, or even almost complete open (provided that protection systems are in place on the levels where otherwise it would be possible to access to the shaft).

In the case of shafts that are partially closed shafts or open on the outside, the installation shall be equipped with electrical systems that are protected against atmospheric agents, and, if necessary, against the effects of wind and excessive sunlight or cold, in order to ensure that it operates correctly under all foreseeable conditions. From an aesthetic point of view, and in particular the form of the cabin, it is possible to select from a vast range of fixtures and fittings in accordance with the studio responsible for the architectural design.