Collective operations

Koppel A.W. is specialized in the project and installation of lifts and group of lifts with collective selective operation system, simplex, duplex, triplex (like the ones here shown), up to batteries of six lifts each.
In the building which require an advanced kind of service, due to a large number of users and the complexity of the vertical traffic needed, KOPPEL A.W. has worked out products with sophisticated software, which may be also personalized upon specifications given by the client. The hardware equipment also take advantage from the more advanced technologies available from the microelectronics (universal models of PLC).

Prior than the executive stage, KOPPEL A.W., through its own software programs, simulates the evolution of the traffic in the building, and consequently proposes the best solution of the kind of lifts and their software which may optimize the service of the lift or group of lifts. In particular our effort is to minimize the average waiting time of the passenger at the main floor, and the average running time.
Among the possible services given, we have to focus in particular the chance to have a remote control of the lift operations, made through a phone line even at large distance from the real place where the lift runs.

Thus, the client and the maintenance company may know the actual way of working of the lift(s), the possible fault conditions, or even conditions of possible future faults. KOPPEL A.W uses in these cases standard techniques and protocols of communication, so that to permit accessible, easy and cheap control of the lifts by the client.
Moreover, Koppel A.W., upon requirement, may install the system called Destination Control, where the operating push buttons usually in the car are instead in the landing halls, and a display shows to users which car to enter to get their destination floor. This operational system makes possible in many cases a more efficient traffic management in the building.