Fast lifts for tall buildings

Koppel A.W. has installed recently, specially in the Far East markets, lifts in medium high buildings, between 16 and 24 floors.
They are lifts with medium speed, that is 1.6 m/s, or 1.75 m/s, up to 2 m/s.
These lifts, with or without machine room, are controlled through the most advanced technologies VVVF, which guarantee the best comfort within the car, lower current and connection power, and the lowest energy consumption, with a possible regenerating system as well.
Normally in these buildings there are lift groups with collective selective operating systems, duplex. triplex, or with more cars (four, up to six), depending on the building population to serve.
In the case fire protection specifications are to apply, Koppel A.W. installed fire-proof doors of various kind, with the certifications required in the Country of installation.
When it is required a firemen operation system, or system to deal with any kind of emergency within the building, it is possible to supply such a lift.
In some cases the clients require operation system reserved to authorized users, or VIP, which may be identified and controlled by traditional key switches, or electronic ones, or microchip readers.

The car and floors signals may be supplied through modern and elegant visors, which may also show any kind of different informations required by the building management.