Preventive maintenance

In order to ensure that the lift will always operate correctly and safely, a preventive maintenance should be performed on lifts on a regular basis.
European States normally ask this by a local law.
Maintenance frequency depends on the type of system and how much the lift is used; the usual period is every month.
Moreover, Koppel A.W. technicians, according to the Italian law, use to check all the system safety components once every six months and make a note of the results in the maintenance handbook, which should be kept on site.
Lift maintenance cannot be carried out by just anyone, but by qualified technicians only.
Since 1999, from a 95/16/EC lift directive requirement, lifts must be supplied complete with operating instructions prepared in accordance with the standard EN 13015.
Lifts systems are designed to last from 30 to 60 years, depending on usage, and of course on the quality of the maintenance, therefore the maintenance contracts should be drawn on a multi year basis, since a correct schedule will be spread over a number of years. However, it is possible to stipulate yearly agreements, provided a tacit renewal clause is inserted in the contract.

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