Complete modernizations

When the lift has been working for some decades, even if it has been properly maintained, and even if some compulsory modernization works for the safety have been done, most of the times the following problems are still there:

Efficiency and service comfort: the lift may be noisy, the car may have unpleasant vibrations, an excessive jump, and it maby be unsightly…

Safety: the lift may have bad levelling when it stops at the floors, with danger of tripping for elderly people; when the safety gear should intervene, its effect may be too abrupt. A modern vocal bidirectional means of comunication may lack, so that it may be difficult to obtain the intervention of the emergency service in a short time.

Accessibility: The type and the size of the landing and/or car doors may be inadequate for the use of disabled or elderly people.

Energy consumption: the consumption of an old lift may be excessive compared with the modern technologies now available.

Meeting these problems, it may be useful to substitute completely the old lift with a new one, complying with the standard norms, or with the standard for the lifts in existing buildings (EN 81-21), or it is possible to leave on place some parts of the old lifts (i.e. the guide rails)

Koppel A.W. is a specialist of this kind of works, also in the way of turnkey job, when required, including ancillary works, of masonry or electrical.
In particular, in these cases it shall be installed lifts with automatic sliding doors, with an up to date safety equipment, and an exact levelling at floor with a gentle deceleration. A bidirectional vocal comunicator will be installed to talk with a 24/24 7/7 specialized call center.

For the energy saving, a LED car lighting shall substitute the old one, including an efficient emergency light in case of failure.

Moreover, in the previous well, it will be installed the largest car there possible, so that it will be more accessible to everyone than in the past.